These are the rules you must follow in order not to be banned. Any violation of these rules may result as a punishement for you. The rules are simple and easy to follow.


The rules are divided into two cathegories:


Bannable Offences:

§1 Griefing of any kind. Destroying others build will be punished with a ban if confirmed. We have logs of every placed or removed block, so we will find who griefed. Don’t try to lie, will only make it worse for you.

§2 Using hacks or client mods is forbidden and if you don’t remove your mods after being warned, you may be banned.

§3 Inappropiate behaviour in a major scale can be also be punished with a ban.

§4 Swearing constantly or being racists. That behaviour will get you banned.

§5 After being kicked 3 or more times you may be banned. AFK kicks do not count.

§6 Rude builds. Anything that may be offensive or not appropiate may be punished with a ban.

§7 Building one block towers is also forbidden. It’s ugly, useless and screws the map. If you build one, destroy it after using it.

§8 Advertising your server is rude and inmoral and may lead to a ban.


Kickable Offences:

§1 Being caught using a client mod. You will be asked to turn it off.

§2 Using CAPS is not allowed. It’s annoying and completely unnecessary.

§3 Swearing of inappropiate behaviour is not tolerated.

§4 Do not advertise or try to steal our users, it’s rude and you may get banned.

§5 Having more than 3 pets. Pets are useless and cause unnecessary lag.

§6 Building redstone loops. Loops cause a lot of lag and shouldn’t be used.

§7 Not following a Moderators command.

§8 Any other unethical or inmoral behaviour.