These rules have to be followed whenever you are playing PVP. All the General rules are also applied. Not following these rules may get you kicked or even banned.

§1 If you enter in PVP it means you want to fight. Don’t complain if you are killed.

§2 You are not allowed to fly or use creative mode in PVP and you can be kicked for it.

§3 Do not swear, do not whine when you lose.

§4 If you lose items during PVP and someone else takes them, you lose them and only the one who took them decides whether to return them or not.

§5 Shooting from a safe zone is strictly prohibited and you can be kicked for it.

§6 Anyone can use enchanted items, but it’s better to play without them.

§7 Do not ask Mods for any tools or enchanted items.

§8 Do not use any PVP tools or hacks. This may get you banned.